History of hydroponics – the term hydroponics actually came from two Greek words, hydro which means water and ponics which means labor. The notion of hydroponics or soil gardening has been present for how many years now. the floating gardens of China as well as the hanging gardens of Babylon are considered as the two earliest examples of your hydroponics. Scientists began experimenting soil less gardening on 1950s. and since the other countries like Australia, Germany and Holland have utilized hydroponics for the production of crops with great results.

Benefits of hydroponics – the Doctor Ponic on hydroponics has shown to have a couple of benefits in contrast to soil gardening. The rate of growth on a hydroponic plant is about 30 to 50 percent quicker compared to a soil plant that has grown under similar conditions. The harvest of plant is also better. Scientists believe that there are a number of reasons for the drastic disparity between hydroponic plants and soil plants.

The additional oxygen present in hydroponic growing media aids in stimulating the growth of roots. Plants that have adequate oxygen in the root system will absorb the nutrients a lot faster. The nutrients present in hydropinc systems are amalgamated with the went and are sent right away to the rooting system. The plants don’t have to look in the soil for the nutrients it needs. The nutrients are actually being transported to the plant a couple of times per day.

The hydroponic plant needs a small amount of energy in order to look for food and break it down. The plant then utilizes this saved energy for it to grow quicker and generate more fruit. In addition, the hydroponic plants have lesser problems with diseases, funguses and bug infestations. On the whole, plants that grow hydroponically are happier and healthier plants.  To learn more about hydroponics, visit

The hydroponic gardening, in addition, provides a couple of benefits to our environment. The hydroponic gardening makes use significantly of lesser water in contrast to the soil gardening. It is because of the continual reuse of the nutrient solutions. And because of the lack of  necessity, lesser pesticides are utilized on hydroponic crops. And because hydroponic gardening systems take advantage of no topsoil, then an erosion on the topsoil is not a problem at all. And even if agricultural trends keep on eroding top soil as well as waste water, then hydroponics will soon be the only solution. Hence, hydroponics are definitely beneficial.


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